Girls' Swimwear

Please note that this description has been written generically, currently there is no swimwear except slides on the PLP.

Swim sets for girls

You won't have to go far to get all the necessary swimwear and accessories, as you will find everything you need in the adidas swim set girls' collection. From swimwear such as swimsuits and bikinis to accessories such as swimming shoes, goggles and caps, you'll be able to choose from a large range of styles according to your needs and preferences, with an array of colours and patterns to suit all tastes, from the classic to the more eclectic.

Comfort from top to bottom

Every item in the adidas girls' swim set collection has been designed to ensure maximum comfort. The swimsuits and bikinis have been designed to have a four-way stretch to adapt and support every movement, and they are made with chlorine-resistant fabric to ensure they don't sag or lose their colour with time. Swimming pool slides and sandals all have an EVA outsole, which is rubbery, soft and flexible for added comfort. Goggles will help you see under water thanks to the moulded silicone around the lenses and locks around the eyes to prevent water from coming in. When it comes to swimming caps, you can choose a fabric cap for a flexible choice that repels water thanks to a special treatment to help keep hair dry, or a silicone cap that has been moulded to the head's shape and will provide a waterproof solution.

Girls' swim sets to suit every activity

Whether you are after a girls' swim set to use during swimming lessons, to play water sports or for splashing around, adidas has a suitable outfit for you. Swimsuits with a V-back, for example, are perfect for training, as they enable a wider range of arm movements, while goggles with an adjustable back strap ensure the perfect fit for a comfortable swimming session.