adidas shoes for girls come in an exciting range of colours and styles for sports and everyday wear - it's tricky choosing just one pair! Choose from girls' trainers that are designed for sport or that just look and feel good!
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Shoes for girls

Regardless of whether it's at a weekend competition or with your childhood friends on the playground – being a kid is all about having fun! adidas equipment supports kids and young people, starting with those first steps through to achieving their personal best. Find the perfect fit! With adidas shoes, your feet can move freely while being perfectly supported. Our shoes for girls offer you style.

Made for creators – adidas shoes for girls

Textile upper, synthetics upper and leather are among the materials we use to manufacture our shoes.

adidas brands – classic and trendy sport styles for street and field

You will find trends that are already potential legends in the shoes collections of brands such as TERREX, Originals or Sportswear. Functional designs that deliver reliable performance in all weather conditions. This is adidas Terrex. Performance is the product line for athletes who demand the best of themselves and write their own rules with regards to fashion. Looking for the perfect outfit for streetwear or sport? adidas Originals are crucial if you want to create a classic retro look. They will help you to redefine style, always and everywhere! marvel, Retropy and Stan Smith are our well-known shoe collections. NMD represents progressive design and combines an urban look with running style. Blue, black, orange, and many other colors are available colors for our shoes.

We support sportsmanship and creativity. Together, girls can break and redefine the rules, only to then question them again.

It's never too early to start. That distinctive adidas vibe or three-stripe look supports girls on their way.

The future begins now. Grab a pair of our shoes for girls from adidas – and your moment is here.