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Be your own Superstar with the adidas collection

With the Superstar range you know you're getting a shoe that has stood the test of time. With this collection dating back to the late 60s, you'll be getting a refined version of the iconic trainer. Utilising modern technologies to improve on what was already a bona fide classic, you'll get the best that fashion and functionality can provide. Lightweight designs ensure you're never weighed down by your shoe, so you can stay active for longer. Insulated materials provide protection on cold days, whilst breathable fabrics ensure your feet don't overheat and stay cool. Sweat-wicking fabrics help to ensure your feet stay dry, even when you perspire.

Enjoy the adidas Superstar for all occasions

Whether you need a shoe perfect for long walks, playing sport, or just heading out to meet friends, the adidas Superstar is suitable for all occasions. Not only does it offer a range of advanced technologies to improve your comfort, but you can also choose between a selection of fierce designs to match your shoe to your look. To top it off, you can get additional touches like reflective details in the Superstar, which keep you visible from dawn until dusk, so you can head out at any hour.

A shoe from the past, made for the future

The adidas Originals Superstar might be an iconic design from yesteryear, but we've ensured that our redesigns look to the future. Using a range of recycled materials, including ocean plastic, the Superstar is a sustainable product. By using fewer virgin resources we have lowered our carbon output and taken one further step towards meeting our carbon neutral goal.