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adidas / July 21, 2023
Through The Eyes Of The Fans: Lena Oberdorf

Some may argue it takes a midfielder years to master their craft, but Lena Oberdorf is the exception to that rule. Just 21-years-old yet born for football’s biggest stage.With the ball at her feet, Le...

adidas / July 19, 2023
Through The Eyes Of The Fans: Mary Fowler

From Queensland to the world’s biggest stage, Mary Fowler is what you get when a creative, free spirit meets the hopes of a nation.A true midfield maestro. The kind that can unlock any defence with ea...

adidas / July 21, 2023
Through the eyes of the fans: Alessia Russo

Great players seize the moments that matter, but superstars go one step further. Alessia Russo belongs to that second category. A striker with more than just an eye for goal. Russo has an eye for the ...

adidas / May 15, 2023
Let Love Be Your Legacy

Love for equality is love for the game

adidas / April 02, 2023
2023 Trend Check: Bloke-Core

Wondering what to wear in 2023? We got you covered.We’ve scrolled through social media, sussed out what streetwear trendsetters are wearing and can confirm — the Gazelle is quickly reclaiming it-shoe ...

adidas / April 02, 2023
Forum: How To Style Basketball Shoes

Basketball sneakers — especially adidas Forums — are everywhere. Sported by rappers, athletes, supermodels and even your next-door neighbour, everyone seems to have a pair.But what gave the shoe its s...

adidas / April 02, 2023
Hip Hop's Superstar: How Music Influenced Sneaker Style

When it comes to discovering the origins of hip-hop fashion and sneaker style, it’s a chicken or egg situation. Did hip-hop create a new fashion movement or did it simply popularise an already-existin...

adidas / February 16, 2023


adidas / December 07, 2022
adidas Basketball's 2023 Collection: Remember The Why

The world is full of noise. Cut through it by focusing on what inspired your journey. Learn more about adidas Basketball's new chapter.

adidas / December 07, 2022
The History of adidas Basketball: Origins of the 2023 Collection

adidas Basketball's new chapter is built on decades of innovation and cultural breakthroughs. Relive the brand's history through the touchstones that shaped it.

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