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WE HOLD EACH OTHER UP. SEEN AND HEARD. NO TWO OF US ARE ALIKE, AND NO ONE OF US IS ALONE. You'll find these words on the clothing labels of every single item in the new adidas Always Original Capsule Collection. And if there’s one group of people who truly understand the significance of those words, it’s the Always Original collective. Nine dynamic changemakers collaborating with adidas Originals, you’ll find their names on those same clothing labels. One of those names is Naomi Otsu. For the new Capsule Collection, her designs highlight the empowering and encouraging words of the Always Original collective and bring them to life through powerful and energetic imagery. An inclusive range of streetwear, sized to 4XL, the Capsule Collection encourages all true originals out there to embrace their power. Naomi sees her work not as a challenge but as a privilege, a duty and an act of allyship. Creating designs that seek to reach out to an audience that is as diverse as it can be; it’s what drives her. Naomi wears Always Original Laced Tee from the Always Original collection. "Being able to use art to connect with others and make all of us feel less alone. My end goal is to make us feel like we are all a part of something bigger – and that makes my world go around." – Naomi Otsu Born in New York and raised in Tokyo, Naomi found herself between cultures. Now, her design and illustration work not only gives her an outlet to express who she truly is – someone uniquely shaped and inspired by the cities and cultures she grew up in – it also gives her the chance to help others feel a sense of belonging. With the support of the Always Original collective, inspiration for the Capsule Collection designs and illustrations soon flowed. Ultimately, the collection visualises their support for each other and the positive vibes that surround their work together. The outcome is proof that community inspires originality: an inclusive, expressive range of streetwear with unashamedly unique designs. All built around the empowering words of the Always Original collective, and all designed to share and grow a sense of belonging and the strength to be authentically you. See pictured the Always Original Blazer, Boxing Shorts and Bra Top and Adilette slides. “One thing that's really important to me is representation.” – Naomi Otsu Naomi knows that seeing is believing. Just like wearing is sharing. Because the more people who see the collection – actually out there in the world – and are touched by the empowering words, the more people will feel supported to be who they are. But, beyond words, the designs speak for themselves. See pictured the Always Original Long-Sleeve Bodysuit. The unique camo print, which runs throughout the collection, is quite simply the vibe of belonging. Of unique individuals coming together to create the beautiful tapestry of community. The flourishing that happens when we connect together. “Being who we are is what drives my designs. Bold, unapologetic colours and graphics, and mixed elements in a collage effect that says ‘community and belonging’.” – Naomi Otsu Because it’s only when we feel in some way at home, welcomed and encouraged, that we can be who we know we are. Then, we can express our true selves. Our originality. Inclusive, inspiring and expressive, the new adidas Always Original Capsule Collection is out now.

Adidas/July 26, 2022

Jones is an activist, actress, model, performance artist, creative, the first black trans producer to have a film at the Cannes Film Festival, and now one of nine dynamic changemakers who make up the adidas Always Original collective. “For me this campaign is the truest form of community; the collective.” – Jari Jones She knows that life could have been very different: no acting, no modelling, no such stage for originality. Because, whilst no-one achieves success alone, for a trans person of colour, sadly, it’s even more true. It takes support. It takes allies. It takes community. That’s why Jari knows how important it is to find belonging and encouragement in communities like the one that flourishes around her favourite Brooklyn cafe – Hibiscus Brew – and owner Allison Dunn. Jari wears the Always Original Strap Dress and Forum Low shoes. Allison wears the Always Original Laced Tee, High Waisted Leggings and Adilette slides. Since 2020, Dunn has been feeding originality – and not just with healthy food from the ever-changing Jamaican-influenced menu. Her cafe is a vital community hub, serving up the kind of belonging that makes all the difference. “Hibiscus Brew has offered me and folks like me an environment where we feel affirmed and seen.” – Jari Jones Supporting the black community, the queer community, and those who meet at the intersection of both, Hibiscus Brew is where they all meet. Beyond simply being welcoming, Dunn’s cafe also commits to help uplift marginalised members of the community, specifically queer-identifying folks, by providing job opportunities. “It’s the consistency and the willingness to use everything you got for a cause or a community.” – Jari Jones For Jari, this level of commitment is what makes Hibiscus Brew and Allison a true ally. It’s this commitment that truly helps to grow communities. And Allison doesn’t stop there. She volunteers her time to do book readings. She rallies others to vote for community improvement initiatives, like getting trees planted around Flatbush Avenue. She even helps with street-sweeping initiatives – treating the sidewalks themselves as respectfully as she would one of her beloved customers. “It doesn't matter who you are. You're going to come in and you're going to feel welcome. Everyone is welcome.” – Allison Dunn Allison, if you’ll permit the understatement, is a positive person. She doesn’t just see the good – she sees what can be great. She says that Hibiscus Brew only exists because of the Covid pandemic. Her regular work took a hit and she needed alternative income. Seeing the vacant cafe space, she jumped on it. “We love this community. Feeding it through this unprecedented time just made sense!” – Allison Dunn For many, the pandemic is that unprecedented time. For others, simply being who they are is considered unprecedented – and navigating life can be as isolating as any lockdown. That’s why places like Hibiscus Brew are so crucial. Allison’s allyship literally and emotionally feeds a community. In turn, that community grows confident and welcomes even more of those who need encouragement to be themselves. That crucial sense of belonging is what feeds true originality. “We have pure joy. We believe in no boundaries. We stand for the possibility of everything.” – Hibiscus Brew manifesto And that’s why Jari knows exactly where to go when she needs her daily matcha latte. When she wants to strut with a new outfit or when she needs to be somewhere with people who just get her. The new Always Original collection inside Hibiscious Brew. “I know there will always be familiar smiles and new faces to bring your daily dose of joy.” – Jari Jones At Hibiscus Brew, Allison Dunn puts her heart and soul into feeding originality, so that more people can be inspired to be unapologetically who they are. And in turn, find ways to inspire more people to do the same. That’s exactly what Jari is doing as part of the adidas Always Original collective. She has helped to create an inclusive, inspiring and expressive new range of streetwear. And if you are ever in Brooklyn, make sure to check out Hibiscus Brew.

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